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Company Profile

Biomist Technology Co., Ltd.

Biomist Technology Co., Ltd. has been the leading company in “Fragrance Marketing” in Korea since October 1995, when we first created the phrase during the start of our “Fragrance Management” franchise business.

Our company has been continuously researching and developing eco-friendly products that are safe for both humans and the environment.
Biomist specializes in creating products with high-quality natural ingredients, instead of using synthetic fragrances or chemical ingredients.

In 1997, our company was the first to domestically introduce pyrethrin as a main natural ingredient in pesticide, as well as provide pest management services in Korea.
Since then, Biomist has been operating about 70 agencies in Korea, which provide fragrance products and services.

Our company was the first in the world to preserve national treasures/archives and cultural assets by prioritizing the development of our natural fumigation devices and disinfection system.

In result, Biomist has received the NEP (New Excellent Product), NET (New Excellent Technology) awards as well as a letter and plaque of appreciation from UNESCO, Minister of National Records Center of Oman, and the Foundation of Land & Culture in Korea.

Additionally, our company has received an award from the commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office and a citation from the Minister of Knowledge & Economy, the Minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs, and the Minister of Environment.
Biomist Co., Ltd has been selected as a “Seoul Excellent Enterprise” every year since February of 2004.

Our company is a certified eco-friendly company that not only domestically, but also globally exports environmentally friendly disinfection equipment and natural fumigants to governmental institutions including Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Biomist Co., Ltd is committed to creating safe products that the whole family can use with peace of mind.

Faithfully yours YoungSin CHOI